Steam Quality Testing Systems for a Global Market

Safety and data integrity matter. At Steam Testing Solutions in Bakersfield, California, we design, build, sell, and Lease multi-phase, high pressure, steam quality testing systems. Our Systems are designed for operations in the Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery Industry. Because our focus is on providing you with the right equipment and services for your needs, you can trust in our team for accurate measurements at your locations. Contact us today to put our resources to work for you.

A Reputation for Excellence

For more than 35 years, Steam Testing Solutions has worked closely with organizations in the Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Industry. During this time, we have built a reputation for excellence with clientele located around the world. Steam Testing Solutions is recognized as the world leader for our proprietary testing systems, innovative technology, field methods, and experienced personnel. With our services, you will have the information you need to optimize steam use and maximize production.

Experience You Can Count On

Around the world, the STS methods of steam quality testing have become widely adopted as the "industry standard". Additionally, monitoring steam properties is a key step in improving results during your steam injection and cyclic steam stimulations.

At Steam Testing Solutions, our staff combines to bring more than 100 years of experience in steam EOR. Our team is comprised of professional engineers, experienced field operating staff, and expert operators.

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Worldwide Services Available

As the leader in steam EOR, we proudly offer our services to a global marketplace. Based in the United States, our company features international operations throughout Indonesia and the Middle East. Our equipment sales are available to clients in China, Argentina, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and the United States.

Our Steam Quality Testing Specialties

Trust our innovations. Steam Testing Solutions is the only company in the world offering these services. Our commitment to integrity and accuracy means you can trust in our results for your business. We are proud to serve as the industry leader in steam injection testing and well casing effluent testing.

With our real time satellite telemetry data services, you will enjoy remote data access through our web platform. STS provides a local display of all data at each of our test systems, and digital data-logging backup "STS Data Link," which is a proprietary telemetry system on our worldwide communication network. All data and reports are MS Excel compatible for your convenience.

Contact us in Bakersfield, California, to speak with us about your steam testing objectives. We are the global source for steam quality testing systems in the Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery Industry.